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About Us

Creative Homefashion stands for home textiles of outstanding quality in a great variety of designs.

What makes us special

Made of top-grade fabrics and using the latest technology our creations cover all styles, adding a special touch to any interior decoration. As a strictly service-oriented one-stop supplier we handle all worksteps ourselves: from product development (including selection of fabrics), consulting and sales to seamless order and delivery processing. An additional asset is our own digital printing system that enables us to implement individual designs timely and with utmost precision.

These competencies and our keen sense for textile trends have made us an estimated, long-time partner for many renowned companies.

Products and quality

We make quality visible

No matter whether it’s deco fabrics, curtains or home textiles: all work stages are from a single source, from product development through expert consultancy to sales. Every year, we create two collections, each of which has roughly 60 different designs.

The highest level of care when selecting the fabrics, long years of cooperation with weaving mills in the development of print qualities and curtains, as well as quality control are not just meaningless phrases for us. Cooperation with international design studios is a trademark of our products.

We provide European quality at fair prices, which requires absolute perfection with a simultaneous lean cost structure. The proximity to our clientele allows us to realize new trends and customers’ wishes very quickly, within only a few weeks. We rely on the traditional wet-on-wet and transfer printing processes on the one hand and state-of-the-art inkjet technology on the other.

Philosophy and team

Creative and professional

Whether plain or elaborate, colourful or neutral – home textiles appeal to our emotions and articulate our way of life. That’s why creativity and know-how, experience and last but not least intuition are in demand here. Günter Resch, owner of Creative Homefashion, got to know the textiles business from the bottom up and has built up a well-practiced and highly professional team around himself.

Decorative materials and curtains are veritable quick-change artists which enable a complete redesign without many structural alterations. We at Creative Homefashion have our ears very close to our customers and we have developed and maintained contacts with them over many years, so we know which styles are on their way in. Our partners in design and production then skillfully implement these fashion trends.

Mitarbeiter Creative Homefashion Altach

Location und Logistics

From Altach all over the world

Creative Homefashion has its headquarters in Altach, where the goods inspection, examination and presentation are centred, along with the entire shipping system. The storage warehouse has an area of 800 m2. Thanks to an efficient logistic system, goods can be delivered from our warehouse to our retail chains and furniture store customers within only a few days. Qualified textiles engineers with a lot of textile knowledge handle the ordering system from start to finish and are responsible for looking after our customers. In doing so, they always have one thing in mind: customer benefits.
Numerous renowned specialist furniture dealers, retail chains and wholesalers have grown to appreciate the quality and service provided by Creative Homefashion.

Our product groups

Creative Homefashion stands for home textiles of outstanding quality in a great variety of designs.

Table cloth coated
Table cloth uncoated
Upholstery fabrics
Decoration fabrics
Decoration fabrics
Decoration fabrics